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Things to do in Mauritius

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Mauritius is found in the tropical region and so has quite a warm climate all year long. Many activities can thus be enjoyed at all times though of course some activities are better done at specific periods of the year like kite surfing is best done during August as there is more wind. Also, the island is quite small and so the whole island can be visited in a few days. Besides the breathtaking views of the island itself, such as the beautiful white sandy beaches, lush forests with quite a number of endemic birds and busy cities, the island is home to a multitude of cultures thus making everyday life also a very interesting thing to learn about.


There is indeed a wide array of sightseeing options in Mauritius. The list of beaches to be visited goes on and on and they all differ from one side of the island to the next. The south however presents a very different picture as in that part of the island, coral reefs are missing and so huge waves can be seen crashing against the cliffs of Gris Gris. There are also some interesting parks like the Pamplemousses garden, the Black River National Park, Casela, La Vanille Crocodile Park, The Aquarium where plants, animals and marine life can be explored. Not to be forgotten is the capital of the island, Port Louis, which in itself is the busiest place of the island with many rustic places.

Land activities

Mauritius proposes activities for all tastes and to all ages. Horse riding can be done in beautiful environments like through forests, near waterfalls, or right on the beach. Else, people can do cycling, trekking or nature walks in the serene green areas of the island. For more adventurous people, the Adventure Park found at Chamarel can cater to all of your adrenaline needs in activities like rock climbing, walks amongst tree tops, net tunnels etc. Common sports can also be enjoyed such as tennis, volleyball, football and there are also a number of golf courses in Mauritius for those into this sport.

Sea activities

When it comes to the sea, no one can be disappointed. Turquoise waters and hot beaches call out for swimming and sun bathing almost all over the island. In the north, various uncommon sea activities are available such as submarine trips, undersea walks, subscooter visits to the Indian Ocean; on the west coast, dolphins and whales can be sighted while some agencies also offer swim with the dolphins. The marine park of Blue Bay provides a wonderful setting for snorkelling and exploring the rich marine life. Catamaran cruises can be organised from all sides of the island with visits to neighbouring islets while big game fishing can be done in the outer lagoons of Mauritius. There are also numerous activities associated with the sea such as kite surfing and parasailing.


History lovers will be equally satisfied in Mauritius; the island has a rich cultural heritage in terms of the number of ethnic groups on the island as well as the distinct Mauritian Creole culture. Several religious temples can be visited (Catholic, Hindu, Tamil, Muslim) and their particular traditions as in marriages can be witnessed. Also, there are a number of museums all over Mauritius to tell the history of the island such as the Natural History Museum, Blue Penny Museum, Photography Museum and Naval Museum etc. Moreover, each of the different cities and villages in Mauritius has a distinct history and each one is equally interesting.

Other activities

There are also so many other things to do in Mauritius like shopping given the vast number of shopping malls on the island and where also numerous international brands are cheaper. Other things that can be enjoyed are spas and massages in calm and relaxing settings. Else, people can enjoy the night life with beautiful sunsets and walks on the beach or the casinos and night clubs.
gices Published 12 Mar 2012
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sarah_7 20 Oct 2019

Naval and Natural History Meseum are in my remaining list. I went to La vanille Nature Park it was awesome!

sarah_7 20 Oct 2019

yeah I forgot I went to the Natural History Meseum two weeks ago. There was an art expo. I Need to spend a whole day there...