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Shopping in Mauritius

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For a small island Mauritius has a lot of different shopping experiences to offer, so if you want trendy, chic, designer, traditional or a good bargain then you must visit one of the many popular places to shop. As a tourist, many opt to stay in a hotel or villa and many do not really venture out to see what they are missing. Of the many reasons as to why you should shop in Mauritius is because of the booming textile industry, the country still have warehouses for, Marks and Spencer, Next, Ripcurl, Billabong, Roxy and many others. This is another reason why designer clothing is so cheap, buying right from the source cuts down on shipping and distribution costs. Grand Baie If you are lucky enough to stay in the Grand Bay area, then you will have already discovered why most people come back each year. There is a market, a supermarket and many designer shops. If you want to try something different, you can also try buying from one of the many designers in Mauritius and start a new trend back home. Factory shops There are many factory shops scattered around the island that offer a whopping 25% - 75% off designer names, such as Lacoste, Burberry, Hugo Boss and Roxy. If you are into these designer names, then it’s well worth checking them out to get an impressive discount. Shopping Centres As a tourist I know many people will feel inclined to visit an area they don't know especially in a new country they are visiting for the first time. So instead of looking for the smaller or unknown shops then you might want to visit one of the many shopping centres instead. All the shopping centres on the island of Mauritius are accessible by public transport (bus) but if you want then take a taxi instead. Besides the most popular Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis there is also Phoenix Les Halles in Phoenix. This is a fairly new shopping centre so there are still many empty shops but there are some clothes shops, shoe shops and even Apple have opened up a store there. Orchard in Quatre–Bornes this is also a very popular place for shopping all the things you need under one roof. Quatre-Bornes is also known as an up and coming chic area where many people would like to live. Ruisseau Creole The different shops found in Ruisseau Creole located in Tamarin, are Diesel, Paseo, Coton des Iles, IV Play, Xia, Maille Street, 5th Avenue, Viva Paquita, Cashmere Polo Club, Albatros Boutik, Designer Depot, Attitude, Harper’s, Billabong, Habit. Ruisseau Creole also includes restaurants and bars and deluxe apartments. While in the area why not also visit the beach that is also nearby. Wherever you decide to stay on the island of Mauritius you can be sure to find a shopping centre or place of interest near you so keep a lookout.
Peaches Published 20 Jun 2010

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