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Horse Riding in Mauritius

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The horse is an animal that is loved and admired by many people. One of the great activities that you can indulge yourself in while in Mauritius is horse riding. This is a superb opportunity to enjoy a ride on the beautiful beaches of the island or parade through the lush greeneries. All horses are imported (South Africa, Zimbabwe) and are fully trained to make them lovely creatures fully attuned to human presence. They are usually of the thoroughbred family known best for their agility and speed. The horses used for commercial horse riding are those that have retired from racing (one of the main entertainment on the island is the horse race held at Champ de Mars every Saturday). In this way these animals are given a second chance to live a peaceful life where they are pampered without being entirely cut off from the human world. They are doted upon in their new homes as compared to the rough routine of previous training with the aim of winning the races. Many of the hotels now offer horse riding activities to the delight of many horse lovers on holidays. Many stables for this purpose are also found on the coast where the beaches offer beautiful settings for riding. It is becoming a common business now to find people offering horse rides along many of the beaches on the island without the need to go to a stable. The trails that the horses cover are for most of the time tailor made. You can choose where you want to ride your horse but generally beautiful trails have been thought of: along the beaches with the sun on your face and the horse trotting in the water, through lush green sugarcane fields, along cliffs overlooking the ocean with the waves crashing in or in the yards of farms where the stables are located. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes and shoes for the strolls and riding hats are compulsory for the safety of the rider. All equipments are thoroughly checked and the horses are kept healthy to be adorable creatures to hang out with. However, most stables require that riding bookings are made beforehand. Other services that some stables offer are birthday hunts, housing your horse in the stables, training sessions as well as gift vouchers. Beginners, experienced people and children are welcome just the same!
Peaches Published 17 Feb 2011

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