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Top 5 beaches in Mauritius

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There are so many beaches to choose from in Mauritius that it can be quite a confusing task to choose the best. In my opinion all the beaches offer different experiences for everyone but there are only 5 of the public beaches in Mauritius that keep inviting be back again and again. As there are too many beaches too count in Mauritius all beautiful in their own way it may seem unfair to have just a handful that are spectacular but all countries have their favourite and here is a small review of many people's favourite of them all on the island of Mauritius.

##Mauritius Best Beaches

###Blue bay blue bay beach

Having discovered this beach years ago much of the older generation still praise this beach for its cleanliness and inviting crystal clear waters.

Blue bay beach is located in the South East of the island near the airport. Don’t worry you can’t hear the aeroplanes overhead and it’s very quiet during the week. There are some trees that provide shade and many local people selling food and drinks. There is also a supermarket nearby for those who wish to rent a villa or apartment.

###Pereybere pereybere-beach

It’s very clean and there are many snack bars around so you won’t go hungry for lunch. Pereybere is a lovely beach that won’t disappoint, if you walk across the rocks on the right you will find more secluded spots to sunbathe in privacy. The local fishermen also come here regularly to catch fresh fish; if you walk along the rocks you will be able to spot many tropical fish such as the angel fish. Pereybere is a great base for tourists are there are other local beaches that are accessible. Pereybere is located in the North of the island, very popular with tourists as there are many apartments and villas available for holiday lets. The bad thing about Pereybere is you have no shelter from trees on the actual beach so it’s easy to get burned in the scorching sun. If you want shelter you will need to sit on the concrete steps leading down to the beach which offers plenty of shade.

###La Preneuse la preneuse beach

This a favourite for many as it is tucked away behind narrow streets, it is mostly accessible by car and there isn’t much else around such as bus and local food sellers. La Preneuse can be a good beach for families with young children as the beach is nearly always shallow; there are a few trees to shade you from the sun and picnic benches. The beach is located down steep steps so it may be unsuitable for elderly or less infirm people. You can find this beach on the West Coast in Tamarin upon approach there will be signs to indicate where to turn. Although this beach is not listed on most maps, trust me its there.

###Albion albion beach

This is a surprise to me mostly as Albion is very far to get to depending where you’re coming from. When you turn down the road leading up to the beach it seems like a never-ending road that goes on for miles, when you see the water it is calm and clear that you can see the fish swimming by your feet. This was a quiet fishing village but now it has been discovered is can be very busy during the weekend with the locals. Albion is found between Flic en Flic and Pointe aux Sables; it has one of the clearest and cleanest sea water for swimming.

###La Cuvette la cuvette beach

This is a hidden gem found not far from Grand Baie beach; it is a very small beach in a horse shoe shape with silky white sand and crystal clear waters. When the local beach of Grand Baie gets too busy many flock here to La Cuvette beach. There are many places to eat in the nearby Grand Baie tourist area and many fun activities such as glass bottom and other tours such as dolphin watching that are offered nearby.

Whichever beach you choose to visit stay safe and be sure to review it along with photos. There are many hidden gems in Mauritius that tourists do not take the time to visit. Go off the beaten track and discover your Mauritius.

Peaches Published 31 Aug 2010

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