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Accommodation in Mauritius

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Where to stay is the most important question when you are planning your holidays anywhere. Mauritius being naturally beautiful, almost anywhere is great to stay at depending on your particular taste. Since the touristic sector is one of the major pillars of the economy of the island, quite a number of places are available for people to stay at. Surveys have shown that tourists stay at four main places during their visits: hotels (82%), bungalows (6%), boarding houses (4%) or over at their friends’ or families’ (8%). Hotels A lot of the hotels in Mauritius are found on the coasts of the island so as to offer wonderful views of the white beaches and turquoise waters. They range from cheap ones that offer the basic services to very expensive ones that include all facilities such as spas and golf courses. From the north to the south of the island, a large variety of hotels can be booked (usually many hotels offer discounts for online bookings) with differing settings all suited to your tastes. Amongst the most common hotels in Mauritius are Le Saint Geran hotel, Le Touessrok, The Indian Resort, The Hilton Resort and Spa, The Anahita etc. They offer exquisite service and the staff are all very welcoming. Bungalows Bungalows are usually available at better deals and are also scattered all over the island. They are not as grandiose as hotels but are modern looking, fully equipped and found in nice settings with private pools (most of them) and are quite comfortable for those who like their privacy. They can be booked for either individual uses or can be co-habited with other people. Boarding houses Boarding or guest houses are easily available and easily accessible over the island. Found in nice places with beautiful settings, they are usually at the best deals and can even offer services such as breakfast, dinner and room cleaning. Friends and families One of the best ways to enjoy your stay in Mauritius with the minimum expense in accommodation is to drop by a friend or family. Many tourists enjoy staying at their peers where they can enjoy their company and also save up on accommodation!
Simpson Published 12 Mar 2011

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