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La Cuvette Beach Mauritius

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If you find that you have discovered all of Grand Baie and find yourself bored with the same surroundings you can head towards Pereybere beach where you will find La Cuvette beach. Found in the North of the island of Mauritius La Cuvette beach is a small bay with lovely crystal clear waters and soft golden sand. This beach can get very overcrowded on weedends by the locals who wnjoy spending the day there. To enjoy its beauty it is best to visit during the week.

Over the years La Cuvette has undergone a much needed facelift, facilities such as parking, toilets, showers and pedestrian paths have been introduced. There are now local sellers that offer food at reasonable prices but of you prefer food from a restaurant hen 5 minutes away is Garnd Baie. La Cuvette beach really is one of those hidden beaches that not many people venture out to, it is very accessible and in the Grand Baie vicinity. It is nestled between well known hotels such as Veranda hotel and Royal Palm hotel so if you get lost just ask for these hotel locations.

La Cuvette beach offers shaded areas with the help of some trees that amke up the pedestrian route along the rocks. As this is a small beach it is best to visit early to get a good spot, many tourists who are staying in self catering accommodation frequent this beach as there are no boats obstructing the view like in Grand Baie.

As there are no hotels directly situated on the beach it is public and people of all ages enjoy the warm water and soft sand. You will also find that during school holidays Mauritian people along with their children will come along for a day out and take over the beach so avoid travelling to Mauritius during school holidays as locals also like to relax at La Cuvette beach.

Peaches Published 08 Sep 2010

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