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Is it legal to fish off the beach in Mauritius?

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anonymous_4 03 Jan 2011

I'm planning a holiday to Mauritius and I'd like to know whether you are allowed to fish on the public beaches. I'm just going to be using a rod, so nothing fancy there.

I do not want any problems with the local authorities, so does anyone know if that's illegal or not?


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Sagitarius 30 Apr 2011
My best spots: Blue Bay , Morne , Baie du Cap . There's now a Marine Reserve Park near Blue Bay so you've got to know it's boundaries to fish there . Caught a lot of groupers (in Kreol: vyel) there .
moricien 19 Apr 2011
Yeps it is legal as far as you're using fishing hooks. However it is illegal to place fishing chain and if they nab you, you gonna pay a heavy price for this, else it is legal :)
gices 04 Jan 2011
I'm not aware of any laws prohibiting fishing off the beaches. Actually you will find people fishing on the rocks at Pereybere.

Of course, it's not going to be a good idea to fish in the lagoon where people are swimming as that will be inconsiderate and the locals may be angry but if you stick to places where others are fishing or other secluded places, I don't think you'll have any problems.