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Pereybere Beach Mauritius

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One of the most popular beach on the island of Mauritius has got to be Pereybere. With crystal clear waters, clean soft sand and hot temperatures it’s easy to see why. Pereybere is a very small public beach located in the north of the island between Grand Baie and Cap Malheureux beach. It was one of the most developed beach resorts on the island with many hotels and self catering apartments on offer. It is also within good driving distance to other popular nearby beaches (like La Cuvette, Mont Choisy) should you want to have a change of scenery.

Pereybere beach is ideal for everyone be it young children, teenagers, couples or even the elderly. There are now buoys that indicate where the water gets deeper but the sea is always very calm, almost still. If you venture towards the right of the beach and cross over the rocks, you will find two other secluded spots that are also good for swimming. Still part of the public beach but due to a small rise in sea level (ankle height), many do not cross over thinking it may be part of a private beach belonging to a complex. If you want privacy then this is where you want to go but as you cross over you may have to walk through the sea but don’t worry it is very shallow and the bays are very beautiful and all worth the effort.

Pereybere now offers water sports for those seeking adventure so it’s worth negotiating a price for an hour’s parasailing. You can also see local boats men offering glass bottom rides where you can see lovely exotic and colourful fish. Over the years Pereybere has seen a sharp decline in exotic fish so you may be left disappointed on an unfortunate day. There are still fishermen who fish towards the right of the beach but these are for the most common fish that the locals enjoy eating.

If you can spare some time, then have a close look at the rocks and the rock pools; there are many crabs that live there and they can often be seen. Hiding between the rock crevices, you will also see beautiful angelfish and they usually swim in pairs. Pereybere is also a great beach to snorkel as you will see very small fish even in the shallow end; if you decide to go a little deeper you can also find some lovely shells that have been waiting for a home.

Pereybere beach has loads of facilities, such as restaurants, toilets and a police station. There are many local vendors serving hot and cold food should you need to buy lunch. It is also the perfect location to visit other nearby beaches and resorts such as Grand Baie which is a must see for tourists.

Peaches Published 06 Jul 2010

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