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La Preneuse beach Mauritius

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One of the most fantastic beaches on the island of Mauritius is La Preneuse beach, hidden away near Tamarin on the West Coast this is truly a beach to visit. The water is calm and the atmosphere is peaceful, the sand is soft and feels like walking on white powder. Depending on the time of day the water can be very shallow so it is ideal for young children, sometimes you need to walk some distance until you find the deeper end.

La Preneuse is without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius, because of the location there is sun pretty much all the time so if you want guaranteed sunshine then head here. Tamarin is where the slat pans are located, due to this location having endless hours of sunshine and lack of rain this is what makes the salt production viable.

During the weekend La Preneuse beach can get crowded so it’s best visiting on the weekdays, if you are lucky enough you could even rent a villa nearby and also hire a car and visit all the other nearby beaches. With so many to choose from you will not be disappointed but don’t be surprised if you find yourself coming back to La Preneuse.

Dolphin excursions are offered from Las Preneuse beach and so are other water sports and excursions. A large supermarket and town centre with many duty free shops are in the area, there are a few local restaurants and food stalls around the area but they are more often seen during peak season as in off peak seasons the area around La Preneuse seems to be very deserted.

La Preneuse beach has a cannon on the beach from the days when a French ship was involved in a battle with the English in the 18th Century. That is also how the beach got its name; it was named after the French ship. From La Preneuse beach you can see the Le Morne peninsula on the very far end of Mauritius.

Peaches Published 12 Sep 2010

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salimpandoraolcom 16 Mar 2012
hi we will hire a car , can you tell me how to get to la preneuse beach, where to park ??? from google i have noticed a supermarket car park??? please direct thanx