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Hunting in Mauritius

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Mauritius offers a wonderful setting worth every hunter’s dream: plenty of livestock in a very natural and breathtaking surrounding. Hunting in the Mauritian’s forests takes the hunters down the history lane where the Dutch and Portuguese used to run around rifles in hand looking for their daily food. On the other hand this may just be an opportunity for a holiday maker to enjoy what he likes best away from home: hunting! The most common game type and also the most coveted one is the java deer. This animal was introduced to Mauritius by the Dutch in the 1600'#s and successfully colonised the island later on. Unfortunately, the deer overpopulated and caused serious damage to the sensible flora of the island by trampling and browsing. Today, they have been removed from the remnants of native forests left where conservation programmes are held but are bred on private properties for the sport of hunting. Their numbers are strictly regulated and only the surpluses of herds are the objects of hunting. Other animals commonly hunted are the wild boar, hare and guinea fowl (ground nesting bird). While all these animals can be hunted all year round, the deer hunting period is during November to May. Numerous places such as Domaine du Chasseur offer hunting activities as well as accommodation. These places can be contacted directly and booked for the hunting sessions. Other areas offer packages such as transport from and to hotels, hunting and material rental as well as food. Taxidermy (making part of the dead animal into a trophy) is also feasible and then sent to the home land of the hunter. Hunting prices differ at the different hunting areas but they normally constitute of the number of animals killed as well as the type of animal killed (pig, stag etc). All materials (rifles and ammunition) are available at the hunting domains; guides are present throughout the whole process to assist the persons in what they are doing. Mauritius offers a thrilling hunting experience: the hunter either gets to build on his adrenaline by stalking his prey and then attacking it or he can have hunting dogs sniff the odour of the prey and then launch after it. In either case, the hunter gets to enjoy to the max while following his prey in the beautiful forests!
Simpson Published 20 Apr 2011

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