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Golf in Mauritius

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Golf is an activity enjoyed by many people throughout the world. It consists of hitting a ball placed on an elevated ground with a club until it gets into a hole within the minimum number of strokes. In Mauritius this sport has become common over the last few years when the price of sugar dropped and sugarcane land was cleared; hotels thus bought off these lands to create golf courses. However this sport is quite expensive and therefore reserved almost exclusively for the tourists. The equipments themselves are very expensive going as far as £1000 for good quality equipment though China does provide for them at cheaper prices. The golf courses normally have 9 or 18 holes. One of the most important elements of the fairway is the grass itself which is kept in good condition at all times and always taken care of. It usually takes about one hour to one hour and a half to finish with a 9 hole course while an 18 hole course can be finished in about 4 hours; this great time span allows business persons (who enjoy this game quite a lot) to discuss about their works while they walk about 7-8km here and there along the course without even realising it. It is a very relaxing sport that causes at least 90 muscles to work during one golfing session. In Mauritius there are several 9 hole golf courses namely at the Maritim Hotel (Balaclava), Trou aux Biches (Triolet), Sofitel Imperial (Flic en Flac), Shandrani Hotel (Blue Bay), Le Coco Beach Hotel (Belle Mare), Le Telfair Golf and Spa Resort (Bel Ombre) and the Saint Geran Hotel (Poste de Flacq). 18 hole golf courses can be found at Belle Mare Plage Golf Club (Poste de Flacq), Paradis Hotel (Le Morne), Dinarobin Hotel Golf and Spa (Le Morne), Le Golf du Chateau – Heritage Golf and Spa Resort (Bel Ombre), Lemuria Championship Golf Course (Belle Mare), The Anahita Golf Course (Belle Mare). There is one privately owned golf course in Vacoas where a Green Fee must be paid for access (18 hole course). The Tamarina Golf, Spa and Beach Club is a residential golf estate on the island providing golf and accommodation facilities. The golf courses are found in beautiful settings right next to white beaches or surrounded by hordes of coconut trees or even better is the golf course (18 hole) found on the islet of Ile aux Cerfs. These panoramic views make Mauritius one of the best destinations in the world to enjoy golf. Many hotels of the same group often share the same golf courses such as the Dinarobin and the Paradis hotels. Caddies for travelling over the courses are available at all resorts though those under 16 are not allowed to drive them. The golf courses in Mauritius are open both to professionals and amateurs alike; golfing lessons can be arranged at the golf clubs. Golf is open to everyone but as in any other sport, the younger you start the better you get. The golf courses have been designed by well known golf lovers such as Gary Player, David Leadbetter to name a few.
Simpson Published 01 Apr 2011

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