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Spas in Mauritius

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The word spa literally means water based treatment. This has been a major way to cure health problems worldwide and dates to very far back in the past. Spas are the ideal places to get pampered and relax after busy schedules and every day routines; they offer a wide range of services including body massages, scrubs, facials and wraps amongst others. Most of the spas in Mauritius are found in wonderful settings such as on the beaches or in gardens thus making relaxation an easy task where one can loosen up physically, spiritually and mentally. There are three main types of spas on the island. The first one is the stand alone spa; it is not very big and offers the basics of spa treatments and limited services such as manicures and facials. The second one is the type of spa associated with a hotel; this type of spa is becoming quite common on the island nowadays. It offers a greater range of services such as aromatherapy and other specialised massages; professional staff are employed and the spa is set in a very serene environment for the ease of the client. The third type of spa is the true spa resort which offers all the services a spa should. It is well known for its luxury and high class service; the aim is on full body, spirit and mind relaxation. Other activities are usually proposed such as yoga, meditation, dancing etc. Spas operate mainly through three main streams: chi, hydro spa and ayurvedic. Chi is of Chinese origin and consists of the harmony between the five elements of air, water, earth, wood and metal for the well being of the person. Services include chi journeys, massages, scrubs etc. Hydro spas offer services based on water treatment: saunas, steam rooms, relaxing and forgetting everyday life though hydrotherapy. Services include oil massages, weight losing massages, Swedish massages etc. The third one is that of the Indian ayurvedic; it is known to be part of medical treatment in many areas of the world and is the most common type of treatment on the island. It involves the use of essential herbs and oils to relax the body and mind leaving the client feeling rejuvenated after the treatment. Services include Indian massages from the whole body to specialized body parts (head, neck etc). The spas in Mauritius provide high class services, treatment gift vouchers and partner massages. As the competition gets higher between the different institutions, each spa tries to outstand the other thus improving on the quality of the service. Going on holiday can become tiring once you go around sightseeing, shopping and doing things you are not used to do; getting a good treat in a spa before going back home and feeling all good and fresh is indeed quite tempting!
Peaches Published 16 Dec 2010

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