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Mountain climbing in Mauritius

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Mountains and slopes cover some 16% of the total surface area of Mauritius. They are the remnants of the ancient caldera that formed the island so many years ago through volcanic eruptions; the interior of the mountain walls tend to be very steep while the outside walls, that is, the ones facing the sea, are smoother. Mountain climbing is an activity that is enjoyed by a lot of people; it all revolves around the perseverance of climbing and hiking until the person can get to the top of the mountain where breathtaking views can be seen; in Mauritius, this would be the idyllic pictures of the island surrounded by the clear turquoise lagoons. There are three main mountain ranges in Mauritius, the Port Louis - Moka Range, the Black River Range and the Grand Port - Savanne Range found in the north-north-west, west and east-south-east parts of the island respectively. In a number of places where there has been active weathering, there has been the formation of steep valleys. There are also a number of solitary mountains scattered all over the island. All the mountains whether standing alone or forming part of the mountain ranges differ geomorphologically in terms of the weathering conditions, the climate, vegetation and animal life that they harbour. Some people may go for mountain climbing on their own along the many mountains of Mauritius and discover the thrill of it all by themselves or they can be accompanied by a guide. Trails vary from place to place and climbing ability will also depend on local weather conditions, so it is always nice to check out the meteorological predications for the day before starting on the journey. Some great places for climbing are Le Pouce Mountain, Pieter Both in Port Louis, Corps de Garde Mountain in Quatre Bornes, Lion Mountain in the south east, Trois mamelles, Mount du Rempart and Le Morne Mountain in the west-south-west part of the island. A few places in Mauritius offer rock climbing as a paid activity like Adventure Park and Casela Park at Chamarel, and Vertical World located in Curepipe. A number of activities are proposed at Adventure Park like abseiling, hiking and mountain climbing. At Vertical World, there is more concentration on outdoor activities like abseiling, rock climbing, canyonning. Casela Nature Park also offers some rock climbing. All of these places provide for standard security measures during the hikes and associated activities and there are also rescue means in place for the safety of all persons engaging in these activities.
gices Published 05 Jun 2012
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