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Kindergarten schools in Mauritius

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Kindergarten schools are the institutions where children learn social skills, academic materials like numbers and ABCs from an early age; they are thus an integral part of the pre schooling system for the proper development and growth of the child. Kindergarten schools are the ideal places for kids to mature and get a first overview of life and how to behave in society. Mauritius provides for a wide number of public kindergarten schools with some also merging into primary schools and others being private schools being based both on the local educational system and international norms. As from the ages of 3-5 years, children are sent to kindergarten to learn how to communicate effectively and be able to fit in society without any hitch. The classroom environment provides the children with all the necessary means and materials for their blossoming; children may be having the same teacher throughout the two school years so as to follow them up and to help them in any way possible for their proper development. Children are taught a lot of things besides the usual academic lessons like arts and crafts to develop their creativity, music, science etc to initiate their curiosity. Many people question the use of kindergarten schools in teaching children before going for primary schools. Sending a child to kindergarten is a choice for parents and it is up to them to make the decision whether their child should attend kindergarten school or not. While many parents may think that it is not worth it and that they are better teachers for teaching their children the basics of social integration at that age, most people would like to see their children bloom in an environment where there is a real social interaction and where the professionalism of teachers will help the children to develop. In fact, kindergarten schools have increased over the past years so as to help working parents who do not have the time to cater for the needs of their children while at work to develop and grow as they should. Tips on finding the right kindergarten school
  • Try to talk to parents who have children in kindergarten schools to see how the teaching is going and discuss the behaviour of the children once in the new environment. You may also be able to make the decision then whether you want to send your child off to a public or private school.
  • Select a few schools and check them out to see if they meet the standards that you are expecting for your child to be in like the level of professionalism, hygiene, costs etc.
  • Once you have selected a school, dropping your child off can be quite an issue at the beginning where he/she may resist the change from spending the whole day with you to being with strangers. Be firm then because it will last only at the start until your child gets used to the new environment.
  • Teach your child some important manners before sending him/her off to school such as potty training so that he/she can be more at ease at school with unfamiliar faces and can do his/her business by himself/herself.
  • Label your child’s stuff like clothing, toys, crayons etc so that there is no confusion in the classroom when all children mix up their things.
  • Be sure that you can help your child’s teacher in any way to cater for the needs of your child and do not hesitate to discuss matters pertaining to him/her to the teacher.
  • Make sure that you are always there when there are class activities to reassure your child that you care.
gices Published 06 Nov 2012
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