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Deep sea fishing in Mauritius

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Deep sea fishing in Mauritius is an unforgettable experience: calm blue waters, constant sunshine and a rich marine life, everything is there to make an angler happy! In fact, Mauritius holds many world records of different fish species caught in its waters such as the Yellow Tuna of 96 kg and the Blue Marlin of 650 kg. At about one kilometre offshore, the seabed is around 70 metres deep; this is where many deep living creatures thrive and where anglers’ patience is rewarded. Amongst the deep sea fishes found in the Mauritian waters are namely the Blue Marlin (average weight of 160 kg), the Black Marlin (a great fighter of about 181 kg), the Striped Marlin (quite rare, about 113 kg), the Sailfish (uncommon, record of 65 kg), the Yellow Fin Tuna (good fighter, less than 91 kg), the Dog Tooth Tuny (biggest fished is 104 kg), the Skipjack Tuny (record fishes found in Mauritian waters, about 19 kg), the Wahoo (average weight of 20 kg), the Dorado (average weight of 23 kg), the Mako Shark (dangerous fish, record weight of 506 kg), the Hammerhead Shark (record of 314 kg), the Blue Shark (rare, record of 181 kg) and the Tiger Shark (good fighter, 552 kg). Deep sea fishing can be practiced at several locations over the island though the most common areas are in the North at Trou aux Biches and at Le Morne in the South. Deep sea fishing trips can be pre booked by the hotels themselves as part of a package or you can just walk to one of the many deep sea fishing clubs and book for a boat; they are available for half a day (7am to 1pm) or a full day (7am to 4pm). Usually a max number of 6 persons are allowed per boat with two cruise people and no more than three anglers. The boats are high powered machines with built in showers and toilets, galley, canopy and sun deck, first aid kits, life jackets, cooling chests, shore to land radios as well as basic fishing equipments of Penn International reels, Fenwick rods and lures. Material rental is included in the total boat rental fee which can range from £ 260 to £ 700 depending on the size of the boat and the length of the journey (half day or full day). The boats are usually equipped with bottled water, beer or soft drinks but lunches or any other foodstuff remain at the discretion of the parties. Though fishing can be done all year round, from November to April is the best time to hook on the Blue Marlins. One of the most yearned events for many anglers is the World Cup Tournament held annually in Mauritius. Whether you are a professional angler or just enjoy a rod and reel, you will not be disappointed with your fishing trip.
Simpson Published 11 Feb 2011

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